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NOMOS Glashütte- fine mechanical watches, built by hand to last a lifetime, designed to look good anytime.

The watches made in Glashütte are world-famous, and the watchmakers also count amongst the world leaders in fine watchmaking. NOMOS Glashütte is the watchmaking firm in the town that keeps innovating-they also have watchmakers that are practicing their craft in the fifth generation. And yet, their watches are modern and cosmopolitan. For they try to combine the best of these very different worlds-with success.

Traditional craftsmanship here, high tech production methods there: Both of these combine to make NOMOS watches individual pieces with the highest precision. And all this Glashütte watchmaking craft is presented with just as much love: entirely modern, but never subject to fashion. An expert team of designers in the creative capital Berlin shapes the dials, the hands, and the cases of their watches to ensure that they appeal-for years to come, with every glance at the time, several dozen times a day.

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